[StBernard] Debris Removal - Demo ...

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Wed Jun 27 20:28:21 EDT 2007

Debris Removal - Demo ...
I agree with Syl, the parish should support a fine to those selfish
homeowners that are littering elsewhere than taking the time to dispose of
contractor or rebuilding trash. One of my neighbors has placed all of their
rebuild trash, i.e. appliances cabinet boxes, off all cuttings of woodwork
etc in front of a house now owned by Murphy Oil. Of course it has given the
appearance without looking into the 5-foot high trans pile stretching across
the entire front of this home that it was from the house. It wasn't until
another neighbor spoke up that this was in fact the corner home's rebuild
In this case Murphy is not the culprit and it isn't fare for Murphy to have
to clean up behind lazy selfish homeowners. Not only does the homeowner
have a utility open trailer and a pickup truck but they also have enough
beef in the household to load the stuff to deliver to the assigned dumping
I've since lost all respect for these people that I previously thought so
much of.
It's terrible that people only recognize the pain of a fine to be levied to
do what's right.
Concerned "glad to be back" resident.

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