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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Jul 5 20:42:32 EDT 2007

News from the Foster Campbell Campaign:

See our redesigned website at www.fostercampbell.com
for more information about the campaign.


Dear Friends:

Now that we've finished celebrating the birth of our nation, it's time to
turn our focus to a re-birth of Louisiana.

On October 20, in only 107 days, Louisiana's citizens will vote to elect a
new Governor - one who will set the tone for the state for the next four
years. The next Governor will be expected to provide LEADERSHIP to meet the
huge -- and expensive -- problems facing our state.

Only one candidate for Governor -- Foster Campbell -- has a plan that
provides the resources to invest in our people, our infrastructure and in
building a new, growing economy that provides more opportunities for

The other candidates propose to tinker around the edges with the existing
system. They offer no leadership in providing the funds necessary to
rebuild our highways, restore our coast, revitalize New Orleans, increase
hurricane protection and assure every child receives a high-quality

Foster can win this race when we begin our television advertising outlining
his bold plan to eliminate Louisiana's income tax and to impose a fee on
foreign oil companies using our land, marshes and coastal waters.

We need your help. Your active participation in your community will mean
much to the success of Foster's campaign.

So will your dollars. We hope you will consider a generous contribution to
the campaign.

It's easy. You may click the CONTRIBUTE link below or just visit our
redesigned website at www.fostercampbell.com
<http://www.fostercampbell.com/> and click on the contribute button to make
your secure contribution. You may also sign up to receive materials or
volunteer for the campaign at our website.

Thank you for your support. Together we can build a more prosperous

Campbell Campaign for Governor

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