[StBernard] LRA

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Thu Jul 5 20:54:03 EDT 2007

Looking over the LRA's update as of July 1, it is interesting to note that
in St. Bernard Parish, all zip codes combined, of the 15,000 or so
homeowners who applied (we reportedly had about 25,000 homes prior to the
storm), the breakdown to date shows 5,820 indicating they are staying and
rebuilding on the same site, and 5,221 are selling the homesite to LRA. Over
3,000 are still undecided. We have the potential of 2 out every 10 homesites
being in the hands of the LRA corporation, with another 2 out of 10 being
rebuilt on the same homesite, 1 out of 10 could either decide to rebuild or
leave when they have to make that decision with LRA, and when they tally the
final applications after the deadline, the intentions of the remaining 5 out
10 will be known provided they apply. There may be a good number who never
apply and we'll have to wait and see the status of the property. Just
surprising of the large percentage who have not applied. What are some of
the reasons you are hearing that people didn't apply and have they left,
rebuilt, or just not made a decision? ddk

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