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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Fri Jul 27 21:26:43 EDT 2007


Thank you for responding. The street I'm speaking of is Blanchard Dr., the first block behind Pizza Hut. All of the poles are up except one, which was knocked down by either Fema or Murphy when removing debris. And as Entergy has told us that is the main pole, so until that is replaced we are street lightless.

Last fall Entergy came out and connected the lights that are standing. I spoke with their employee and he said that once the missing pole is replaced, we will have lights again. He said that Entergy has done all that they can do at the time and that the parish government is responsible for the replacement. So, I and all of my neighbors started calling the parish gov and they would only say to us that its not them but Entergy who is responsible.

We would appreciate anything that you could do for us in getting street lights back.

Thank you.

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> Dayna,


> if you tell me what poles you are referring to, I will be glad to check into

> it for you. General rule for neighborhood lights is that if it is a metal

> pole it is likely the parish and those are the poles that are being worked

> on by the lighting contractor.


> God Bless,

> Craig

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