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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 7 23:03:02 EDT 2007

I agree 100% Boasso has to grow up. Jindal don't bash people he has better
things to do like getting things done

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"Bobby Jindal voting 100% of the time with President Bush on the War in Iraq
is not the only way he's been ignoring the concerns of Louisiana's working
families," Boasso said. "

Sounds like "wishy-washy politics" to me. Since when does support for
kickin' butt of tyrants and terrorists. There's no evidence that support for
our troops and the war effort is anti-Louisiana.

Perhaps Mr. Boasso should stop being Acrimonious and perhaps use a little
bit of that leftover soap powder and hose down his campaign a little. While
Mr. Jindal continues to be a gentleman and run (by comparison) a decent
campaign and stick to the issues, Mr. Boasso is "white-washing" Mr. Jindal
with high-valued campaign rhetoric and desperate dirt-digging political

I don't know. Perhaps , when one is down on luck, it's best to sell company
assets to out of state interests and devote millions more to win the
highly-regarded position of Governorship of Louisiana (Whoopee!). Imagine so
many millions packing the pockets of ad agencies and printers. <G> with NO
guarantee of a win.

..All in the name of the "working class". How far would Mr. Jindal go if he
didn't care at all about the common people and middle class?

We can look forward to more one-sided mud-slingin' than a glamorous
Hollywood mudpack in the coming weeks. Alas. "Boyz will be Boyz!" <smile>

..Geez, thank God for the remote control. *Jer**

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