[StBernard] flooded truck

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 7 23:01:28 EDT 2007

Well, who is the parish prez and who is on the Council "running" for prez...
Hence, the issuing of this memo. (just my opinion) It will be interesting
to see how much the current prez will do, because of an election, to cause
discomfort and create hindrances for the residents of the parish.


Under the St. Bernard Home Rule Charter, the Council is suppose to
deal with
legislative matters while the Parish President deals with executive

So, thanks for the interesting answer. So it IS best to go directly
to the
That means we should vote for a president who is accessible and
effective in
such matters........... Hmmmm

In the Harry Potter books, there is no profanity, no adultery, no
no illegitimate babies, no people living together in sin. Evil is
good prevails. You are right. They are terrible books.

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