[StBernard] Candidates for governor speak at municipal association

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 7 22:56:36 EDT 2007

" The state senator from Chalmette put a cardboard cutout of Republican U.S.
Rep. Bobby Jindal in a seat on the stage where he and five other candidates
- not including Jindal - were sitting. He put it away before the forum
started, and talked about Louisiana's economic conditions."

***Classless at best. I've lost huge respect for a campaigner that continues
to mock decency in the bid for governorship (even though it IS LA politics,
playing the part of "Curley" is not going to develop trust with those who
take our problems seriously).

So, does good office-seeking-runs require one to develop and enhance
"keystone kop" mentality to win the office? I'm not sure we need a juvenile
for the lead office in our state. We can suppose that a toilet will next
accompany this contender around the state at future forums?

Cesspool/cartoonish may bring laughter to those who are basing their hopes
on Louisiana's future--if it's a laugh that's needed to solve all of our
problems. Quality candidates show quality, positive attitudes. Even Ms.
Blanco exhibited (slightly <G> more class, albeit that of a failing grade in
many attempts to make good decisions).

If it continues, the choice will be clear, it appears. Quality vs.
"inequality". LA voters will make their choice at the polls as to whether
they think being Governor is a joke or not. I don't see anyone else in the
governor's race with a Goodyear Blimp or Meraux water tower following suit
in degradation of the race by retaliation. ;^) I suppose when boredom sets
in, mental exhaustion prevails.

BTW, do you think I can supplicate anyone for a cardboard cutout of me? It
might appear hilarious to my grandchildren. $75 each, perhaps?


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