[StBernard] Jindal Info

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Aug 13 18:39:39 EDT 2007

Uh ==Jer===

I was talking about Jindal voting against legislation to help this state in
its recovery.

As usual, you're wandering off somewhere in the wilderness looking for


Yeah, and we'll have to do something with those majority of liberals

There's an old saying: Change the world "for da better" and it could
ruined for the duration ;)

Besides, at which point in political history has there NOT been
tricks in Washington?" Here's what happens: this fine state of ours
has been
abused and "down in da mouth" even before Katrina finished it off.
of the Civil War, LA was faced with its aftermath and hasn't been
the pride
and joy since. LA was raped so many times by carpetbaggers and the
(almost with government approval then) that it has never regained
strength and glory. At this point in time, I surmise it never will
get off
its knees in comparison to other successful states where great
has made its state wonderful and productive. Without good leaders,
we simply
have a status quo (which is pretty miserable judging by its rank in
highway/infrastructure improvements, education (and dropouts),
crime, low
wages, and consequently--attitudes.

Again, dirty tricks in Washington is part of everyday dirty politics
usual. And, if history repeats itself (as in the norm), it will run
gamut until time expires.


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