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Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Mon Aug 13 23:44:21 EDT 2007

Ok, Jim. Let's give you the benefit of the doubt. While I was out wondering
in the wilderness, I've noticed the list of runners for governorship.
Knowing the choices, which candidate is truly "Pinky Lee" at best and which
one is the most professional, capable, and supported by most people who are
in the knowledgeable realm, quality thinkers, and God-given right for their

Realizing this example is qualified, who is considered by most people in
Louisiana to be the "running joke" in Television commercials?

Taking Mr. Jindal as the "butt" of his adversary, what would happen if the
tables were turned and Mr. Jindal uses Mr. Boasso who is then made an "a$$"
of in TV commercials, being portrayed as a Goodyear blimp with huge bug-eyes
and skinny legs with a broom and box of Tide while he has his arm around Ms.
Hillary (aka Ms. Bill--Oh, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!) <(or any other brand of powder

Would Mr. Jindal be seen in greatness, glory and taken seriously? Genuine?
Leader of the great State of Louisiana? Representative of the wonderful
parish of St. Bernard?

I think not. Is it true that anything goes in politics? Anything?

Just as I wouldn't wish Mr. Taffaro to portray Mr. Rodridguez as "fat and
lazy slob with manipulative, powerful attorneys making all his decisions,
running the parish (proxy), or money-grabbing, gambling, crook!" We wouldn't
want that and in many cases, would shed Mr. Taffaro in a bad light--an
action that could backfire on him. Instead, perhaps Mr. Taffaro would create
a much better impression by expressing his platform as centered around
"technology changes", clean up the parish (in more ways than one); proclaim
that he would run a very professional campaign and deal with issues
seriously affecting da Parish.

Mr. Jindal Helping the state? What cardboard image are you aware that can do
anything else but sit in the pew next to another cardboard cutout of
President Bush?

Firstly, what motivates most conservatives is the economic concept of
laissez-faire when it comes to government intervention in people's lives,
taxes and given our people a "brain dead status". It's a huge mistake to do

--again, if effective actions are what the state needs, one has to select
the right choice. Without endorsing any one candidate at this point, I'd say
" Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler" and ..soon because St. Bernard people not
wish happiness, they deserve it.


Uh ==Jer===

I was talking about Jindal voting against legislation to help this state in
its recovery.

As usual, you're wandering off somewhere in the wilderness looking for


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