[StBernard] Ragin' Cajun Jindal stickers still circulate<br>

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 14 22:53:16 EDT 2007

I'm also curious as to why Mr. Boasso didn't get cutouts with magnets for
attaching to car doors. Then on the other hand, in getting the playing field
leveled, Mr. Jendal could produce a cardboard cutout of Mr. Boasso, but the
image would have to be 10% of his original image so as not to obstruct one's
vision over windows, windshields and many small cars themselves <chuckle>.
Gawd, this is just a joke, Mr. Boasso, like the cutouts themselves the
liberals love in commercials...!! ;^

--jer-- (also a UNO Alum '87)

I dont feel shafted. As an Alum from UNO I thought it would go nicely by the
muffler. I was gonna cut off the for Jindal part. heehee

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