[StBernard] New HBO documentary of the atomic bomb drops on Japan

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 14 23:00:09 EDT 2007


All I'm saying is terms like "moral justification" or "just cause" are all
nothing more than a matter of personal opinion. Who is to say what is the
"objective" rational for doing anything? President Bush gave his reasons
for going into Iraq. His reasons appeared to have "justification" behind
it. Yet, many disagreed with him. Who is to say he reasons or
justification was right or the opposing opinion is right?

I perfectly understand what you are saying, but I'm telling you there is no
absolute answer. Sure, we the majority can vote out of office anyone we
disagree with it, but in doing so does that mean we the voters are right?
Too often, "we the people" are wrong because we are easily mislead by others
(media, etc.). It's all a crap shoot. All we can do is trust our leaders
to try and make the best decisions - morally based or otherwise - and hope
it works out for the best. A Republic was never intended to guarentee
anything more than that.


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Well, since when can a "moral judgment or moral justification not to be
included in decision making? If this were not true, then there would be NO
system of checks and balances between a political we elect and our U.S.
military. Moral constraints and the Commander-in-chief's Superego are
absolutely necessary to keep itself distanced from his ego. A sort of
natural set of "checks and balances".

Wanting to drop the BOMB and allowing oneself to go beyond the consideration
stage to devastating consequences and political fallout must be thought out
in a process that includes one's ability to separate the yes' from the no's.

Yes, initially we want to destroy everything in sight--simply because we as
a superpower believe we can. Heaven help us when our president is impulsive
enough be believe there are winners with atomic fallout.

Yes, there are governments and whether we can label them "rational" or
justifiable in their actions to prompt them to start using Nuclear weapons
worldwide is debatable. Personally, my anger at radical Muslim countries
would be in check when it comes to retaliation as an impromptu tactic.
Feeling sorry for such an action after the fact is utter garbage and


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