[StBernard] New HBO documentary of the atomic bomb drops on Japan

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 14 23:11:39 EDT 2007

Amen brother!!!

Brenda McQuary

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What I think many of the "enlightened" or whatever they want to call
themselves fail to realize is the number mission of government,
Whether it is from foes within or without.

When dealing with foes from outside of the national boundaries, the goal
any war is inflict as much damage, whether human or not, as possible
receiving as little as possible. The Japanese of the time showed a
tendency, much like today's radical Muslims, to die in the process of
killing. When faced with such an enemy, the prudent course of action of
responsible government is to truly "shock and awe" in such a magnitude
convince the enemy that their loses will be several factors greater than
ours, to the point where they will be reduced to a standard of living,
there is anyone left alive, that will be several generations back.

Truman warned and then Truman acted. No needless diplomacy or worrying
about what other countries might think.

Jump forward to today and the Iraq war. Do we need to drop another
bomb? Probably so, but I don't think anyone would heed any warnings or
the Taliban would care.

Much better is to simply take a battalion of tanks and just start
every last hiding place to smithereens. Go ahead and take out a mosque
two. Hell, we're already being blamed for their destruction. If we
have to
suffer the blame we might as well to the action.

I think if you start with a smaller, less "revered" mosque, warn them to
remove any artifacts they may wish to save, they may finally understand
we do mean business and we are ready to get the job done and over so our
troops can come home. A couple of small mosques followed by a larger
will send the message loud and clear.

We should also put an embargo on all travel to Iraq, much like we have
Cuba. Then, when the likes of Sean Penn wants to go travel bad mouthing
US, we have a reason to keep his sorry excuse of a person from
the US again.


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