[StBernard] New HBO documentary of the atomic bomb drops on Japan

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 14 23:25:29 EDT 2007

Yep John, my Father told me he was waiting on one of those islands waiting
for the invasion orders. He wasn't looking forward to it.



I absolutely agree with you. Aside from the provactive nature of my
previous comments, here are a few facts the "don't use the bomb"
group (back
then and even today) hate to acknowledge. The U.S. government (as
well as
the Japanese government) have both stated that had the bombs not be
and the war completed by the U.S. invading Japan and defeating the
Japs by
conventional methods, an estimated 150,000 additional American
personnel would have been killed and an additional 175,000 Japanese.
"traditional" bombings would have escalated to a never seen before
where the Japan estimates anywhere from 200,000 to a quarter million
civilians would have been killed. That's far less than the number
killed by
the bombs.

Yes, even the Japanese government has acknowledged that dropping the
likely reduced the potential number lives lost - not to mention our
100,000 plus.

President Truman repeated said his decision to drop the bomb was
revenge, but to bring a quicker end to the war, to save American
lives and
to set an example to the world should any country ever again have

Sure, I'm sorry it had to come to that. But make to mistake about
it...Japan started it by atacking the United States - who did not
them, and they could have easily surrendered after Hiroshima. For
record, after we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, the U.S. formally
Japan on the issue of surrender or just a cease fire - they did not
respond to our contact after many days. Japan brought Nagasaki on
That's why many Japanese lost faith in the Emperor, blaming him for
unnecessary drop on Nagasaki.

Japan started a war they should have realized they could not win -
and they
were damned fools if they thought they were going to get assistance
from the
Nazis. Hitler often spoke of his distain for the Japanese. As the
ambassador to the U.S. said upon learning of the un-provoked attack
on Pearl
Harbor..."I am afraid we have woken a sleeping bear." He was right.
as Bin Laden, the Taliban and Huessen recently learned the hard way.

- John Scurich

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