[StBernard] we need to know anything about. Jindal Info & Boasso news...pass it on...

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 21 20:19:14 EDT 2007

"Well said Judie. ...Do you think Jindal will take on the good ole boy's.
Not on your life. Remember he is dependent on a government job. He needs a
job and he will bow to those people that will make sure he continues to
receive a paycheck from the public. As I have said before, shame on all
those people who continue to drink the Jindal Kool-Aid. --Robby

***Wait a minute, ROBBY. Why should I or the millions of voters have SHAME
for voting our hearts??? "Shame on me!???" No one has said "Shame on Robby
or anyone" for voting whom they believe would do the better job. This is
crass at worst to accuse someone of being shamed by voting their minds. It's
uncalled for by saying so. (but I refuse to be dragged into the muck by
saying "shame on someone for voting Mr. Boasso). I know it was aimed at me
because you used my quote and again, it's uncalled for targeting good folks
for their beliefs.

It doesn't matter, actually if you dislike Mr. Jindal. It's irrelevant and
perhaps he doesn't need certain peoples votes being the forerunner. All he
has do in order to win is to keep a clean nose and avoid scandals <smile).
He can do this.

I don't see many "winners" in this race.

Yes, in fairness to Mr. Boasso, yes he has done good for da parish. He is
expected to do so because this is his job as State Senator and he could
continue to do so if he stood put. St. Bernard Parish needs him to stay and
fight the good fight for da Parish's interests.

Some are boisterous or annoying, while others non-combating, and still
others are not influential, ineffective or just use their millions in their
strategy to make voters believe they are successful (so "vote for me", I'm

Accomplishments are well documented everywhere from Newspapers to websites,
the Net to commercials.

In many cases, popularity in the guise of "likeability" are key determinants
at the voting booth. People love to vote their man/women in because they
view the runner as charismatic or are fond of how he talks ;). That's the
truth and is a very popular in a capitalistic/democratic society.

Good ole boy? I'll be willing to believe that just about every candidate is
a good old boy (and thus we do not have a good old girl to be labeled as

Therefore, Kool-Aid is a wonderful beverage to those who enjoy it. So is
Gator Aid or Lemonade, tea or coke. So, if Mr. Jindal or anyone else enjoys
serving Kool-Aid, it's his/their right to do so if people enjoy drinking it.

Blindly Support Mr. Jindal? I'd be willing to guess that more people know
about Mr. Jindal and a couple of other candidates (the fame/issues factor)
than others in the race.

Besides this is not a pick on me, pick on you issue. It's a "who can we
trust to bring LA back and past other states that are eons ahead of our
state". It's going to take a %%%%load of work, but the right man can make a
dent, indeed.


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