[StBernard] Mr. Boasso & Jer need to sit down and talk...get some facts straight

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Aug 21 20:20:39 EDT 2007

"I encourage anyone out there reading this that knows Mr. Boasso in any
aspect of this parish to please let Jer know what you know about Walter
Boasso,,good or bad.. What you have seen that Mr. Boasso has been a part of
in this parish. Let
him know what kind of man he really is...Let him know that what he has done
for St.Bernard could be turned into a STATE wide pride. He could build the
state into a much better place for work, your families and industries....He
has some great ideas to expand many avenues of business..

**No, Judie. You see, Every candidate in the state of LA is pristine in
morals, cannot be corrupted, nor has any skeleton in his/her closet.

I was referring to the fact that begs this question:

Many people know about the man/woman who is running for public office. Why
is it that they come forward AFTER the fact/election to bring down the
candidate from office? Is it that they expect some sort of monetary or
satisfaction compensation (bribes, lawsuits, joy, etc.) as the
whistleblower? Yes, there are times when one's past deeds comes back to bite
the official.

Probably why many officials choose not to run. They fear exposure (not
literally <G>)..in the press, at their employment, etc.

Perfection is not required to run for office. However, keeping the scandals
and exposures down to a minimum probably is to keep most positions. (even
though some will squeak past (or what we refer to as "Teflon official") or
weather the storm.

What da Parish does not need (or the state) is MORE scandals/black-eyes or
negative publicity. Isn't LA finds that such press will set back its
progress years with each debauchery. Diversions during any
recoveries/progress is not preferred to any governor that will get the job
done, stay out of extremely bad press and political adversities.

I too want da best man to win--meaning one who will move LA forward with
success and happiness.


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