[StBernard] Calm before the storm<br>

Westley Annis westley at devacaps.com
Tue Aug 21 20:21:32 EDT 2007

I sit in my new home and community and continue to read these posts...why?
because in my heart I LOVE St. Bernard Parish and its people and I
truly worry about the future of all of those who have returned. I
have chosen not to return because of the fear of going through the
trauma again. I pray that all who have returned prepare to leave when
necessary and not try to be heroes. Keep lots of insurance and take
all that you value with you. But DON"T try to be strong and stay if
there is a threat. God Bless.

> -----------------------------------------------------

> Jer


> Its not funny, and probably not the time for such discussions, however,


> Hurricane Dean, people are rethinking practical things. Like, now I

> understand why the Air Conditioner Outside Unit should be up three feet


> why didnt I think of that during rebuild. And how soon can I get the

> neighbor down the street to get his cement driveway contractor back to

> cleanout the storm drain they clogged with debris. And what happened to


> neighborhood idea of cleaning out the canal drains ourselves.


> Katrina has taught us alot. Hopefully we can apply what we learned.


> Suzanne

> uno alum 1982

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