[StBernard] St. Bernard tackles lawns that have gone wild

Westley Annis westley at devacaps.com
Tue Aug 21 20:22:01 EDT 2007


Hi, it's Laurie. I would like to know what to do about some very large,
heavy log type debris that was deposited on the lot next door to our double
at 313-315 E. Magnolia St. Chalmette during the hurricane. It looks like
maybe cypress logs or wooden power poles. We had a new wooden fence put up
and we would be happy to cut the grass on the lot close to our fence to keep

the grass off of the fence, we just cannot get to it because of the debris.

It's right up agaisnt our fence. The houses that were on the lots were
condemed and demoed before the storm and the parish used to cut the grass
and I presume bill the lot's owner. Now on the rare occasion that the
parish (or someone) cuts the grass, they cut around the debris and the grass

is getting very high and it is growing onto our new fence. We cannot move
this heavy debris, we have tried but do not have the machinery or we would
have just done it ourselves. I don't really know all that is under that
grass cause the grass is getting so high you cannot see what all is under
there anymore. When my husband cuts our grass he sees the mice running over
in that direction to the high grass, and also snakes there too. It's gross.
I dont' know why the parish grass cutting guys don't tell someone to have it

moved. They just cut around it like it's not even there. Car you help get
this removed so we can cut the grass and protect out new fence and our
investment in the house we are renovating? Also, the house directly behind
our house was recently deomed, it had not been gutted or touched since the
storm. They also left fencing and other debis on that lot and it prevents
us from cutiing that grass also. They grass is very high on that lot too.
It is derectly behind our magnolia street house but faces Laplace street.
Can you help in some wa?. We are trying to keep our place clean
presentable. Thank you.


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