[StBernard] Editorial: Where's Jindal?

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 9 22:35:42 EDT 2007

**Editorial: Where's Jindal?**
September 8, 2007

"C'mon, Bobby, it's time even for frontrunners to show up for candidate
forums. Candidate qualifying is over, the state is just more than 30 days
from the
October primary. If Mr. Jindal can make time for orchestrated appearances
pushing noncontroversial anti-crime proposals, he can wedge in a couple of
hours for an event that puts him on the same dais with the other major
candidates in the governor's race. "

Jer: **Hold da pants on Mon Ami. It will happen soon with Mr. Jindal. And I
believe that even if Mr. Jinda NEVER holds a "summit" with the bottom
dredgers, AND STILL WIN, it will prove to LA and the nation that Bobby got
his message out in the first run against Ms. BlanK0 in their last election
run. What a testament that would be to the nation to show a man's strength
vs. his competition statewide "without even firing a shot back" <G>>

OH, that won't happen as we expect Mr. Jindal to show his stuff at an
upcoming "fist fight" before the election. I expect some sort of bar room
brawl rather than a civilized encounter. Of course, we know who will come in
sluggin' and who will be diplomatic in the discourse of things <G>


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