[StBernard] Bobby Jindal - Above the Law, Below the table.

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 9 22:37:26 EDT 2007

I'm telling you, John. If an ad comes out from Mr. Boasso's camp ad
agencies, Walther knows about it as much as Mr. Jindal who is also aware of
his ads.

I'll willing to bet that Walter has told his Ad Agencies, " I don't want any
ad propaganda, messages or communications going out in my name until I have
least had the opportunity to see and approave it. You got that, my friends?"

There are Kooks and for those who try to get inappropriate messages out to
the public as a renegade will find themselves out of the look and service to
the candidate. Boasso and others will be looking for a new communications
"expert" to do the whims and wishes of the candidate because the one "below
the table" is the low-life (in any camp) that has little ethics in the
matter. But, that's politics...at any cost, it seems.



I would be shocked if Walter knew any of this until it made the media. I
can't believe you're implying that. There are plenty enough kooks in the
world doing absurd thing all on their own accord. Their actions do not need
to be attributed to a particular candidate. I'm sure most Bush haters
aren't demonstrating because Hillary asked them to do it. Just the mere
irrational hatred of a candidate or public figure is enough to make some
kooks do strange things or even commit violent acts.

John Scurich

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