[StBernard] Boasso Press on the Ferriday speech . .

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Sep 9 22:37:01 EDT 2007

WesL Jer, Actually, no. The only political office Walter has ever held has
senator, of which he is ending his four-year term. I don't think that
qualifies as being in "state government for years."

Jer: **Well, I'll differ here. Most great servants of the people can get
much accomplished in a term. Look at at what Huey Long did and he's memory
still upholds his legacy for life. We shall be a witness to the testimony of
the upcoming placeholder in office. It is no time for "sit and spin"
philosophies the Demos purport to accomplish: da same ole "try and die"
attitude--filling everyone up with hot air, then deflating them with false
and inept policies and performances never to see the light of day.


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