[StBernard] For the Parish President

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Oct 2 17:59:33 EDT 2007


Sorry for the delay in responding. I have no idea where the time goes. I
am in complete agreement with your comments. If what was printed in the
St. Bernard News last week (that the parish was going to start enforcing the
laws on doors and windows to secure property) was correct, we should start
to see some activity around the parish. My biggest concern is that I drive
around to see what is happening and have some encouragement, and everything
(picking up storm debris, grass cuttings, etc.) seems to have come to a
hault. Your comment about the condition of the streets is head-on. I would
suspect that even if we were given the money today to fix the streets, it
would be a year or better before we would see anything significant. I have
suggested that we purchase a "Pothole killer" like the one being used in
New Orleans to fix potholes. I have seen this truck in action, and one
driver can fill a 3-5 foot pothole in less than 10 minutes. Yes, I would
rather see the streets properly repaired, but I would settle for this in the

I also firmly agree that the government complex building should be repaired
ASAP and ALL non-business trailers should be removed. If parish workers are
living in these trailers, then they need to have the trailers moved to their
property or to one of the trailer parks. The same goes for the trailers
around Lacoste school and Nunez Jr. College. Policies should be fair and
consistently applied.

Finally, I believe that the parish has to crack down on those businesses
that are no longer operating in St. Bernard. Why should KFC, Taco Bell,
etc. be allowed to remain boarded-up. Similarly, places like the former
Rally's and First Bank locations that have been demolished but still have
slabs with weeds growing on them need to complete the demolition and spread
soil. These businesses are on the main highway through the parish.
Wouldn't it be more encouraging for residents to see these buildings/slabs
removed versus looking at them every day as we drive past.

These items were, for the most part, areas of concern to me that should be
of some concern to the parish president, thus my reason for titling it "For
the Parish President". If nothing else, perhaps others will read this and
call on Jr. to step up to plate; if not, hopefully the voters won't return
him to office. (Regardless, my vote goes to Craig Taffaro.)

Thank you for your comments, and keep the faith. Things will get better - I
just pray that we don't have to wait until the elections are over to see any


I agree with you on everything you have said and then some. The
list could
go on and on. What happened to the rules on needing windows and
doors and
all property needing to be secured. It's like those rules don't
exist and
are not being enforced. Tires are still all around even though we
supposed to have a contractor now to pick them up. The Faust family
yard on paris road is filling up with junk cars and other trash
again (I
thought they were cleaning it up, but now it's as junky and messy as
ever, a

terrible eyesore). The streets are horrible, especially Jean
Lafitte in
Buc. south. I have banged the bottom of my car so many times, and
I'm going

slow. I'm suprised I haven't caused bad damage to it yet. The
streets are
filthy. I know I will probably get some responses that if I don't
like it I

should run for office and do something about it. Well, I don't want
to be
the leader. I want our leaders to lead. They wanted the job and
they got it

so now lead and be responsible for the job you have and what you
have been
getting paid to do. And yeah, I know the pay is not great and you
don't do
it for the money. What about the shopping centers accross Paris
road from
Winn Dixie? That looks horrible. What about their windows and
doors? That
falling down fence is not cutting it. What about the governement
building. I know, the parish doesn't have the money, but neither do
people and the rules apply to us and we had to find a way to do it,
and so
should you. I'm tired of the excuses after 2 years, it's enough
already! I
know I will probably catch a lot of hell for this, but I don't care.


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