[StBernard] Kenny Henderson

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Oct 2 18:00:03 EDT 2007

Kenny, I believe that you responded to my comments several weeks ago to the
parish president. If so, here are the addresses that I have concerns about:
3504 Charles Drive has not been gutted, has a "yellow sticker" since June,
and the grass is several feet high. I have made numerous trips to the
government complex. Why is this property being overlooked? 3505 Charles
Drive is gutted and the grass is being maintained, however there was a
swimming pool there and since Murphy cleaned the site, there is a one foot
hole in the backyard that fills with water every time it rains. The grass
then gets tall, can't get cut, and the mosquitoes thrive. The only good
thing is that the rats die after eating the poison I put out, once they
drink the water. 2801 E. Genie (which joins into Charles drive) has a
yellow sticker dated 6/8/07, work order #6392. Since the sticker was
placed, the property was finally gutted. I only bring this one to your
attention in case it is still supposed to be demolished and gets forgotten
only to become blighted property later on.

On a separate note, I still have strong concerns about taking care of
properties along Judge Perez and St. Bernard highway, because that is what
people see every day, and the better the properties are maintained, the
better impression to all. The best example is the trailer park located
between Splash Car Wash and Springer Furniture. Every trailer in there has
yet to be gutted, they all have yellow stickers on them, and the weeds are
overtaking the mobile homes and the two boats sitting there.This should be
an easy demolition that would make that one block area look 1000% better.

Similarly, what is going on in Village Square? Every building back there
needs gutting and all have demo stickers, except for three complexes in the
process of renovation. If someone is taking a chance to restore some rental
property in an area designated for rental units, why aren't these building
being removed? We are on a clock here, but it doesn't seem to sink in with
parish officials. I know that you don't control Village Square, but
hopefully you can bring it up as an issue at a council meeting.

I can go on and give you more addresses, but I will be thrilled if you could
make something happen with these units. Any feedback would be greatly


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