[StBernard] Aiming for the top (NO CityBusiness)

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Oct 2 18:04:10 EDT 2007

“If I knew Bobby Jindal could handle the job,” said state Sen. Walter
Boasso, “I wouldn’t be in the race for governor. If I knew he was doing
it for the right reasons, I wouldn’t be running for governor.” --W. Boasso"

Jer: Get'odda-town, Mr. Boasso. You would have joined this race if Buffalo
Bob, his dummy Howdy Doody and his Clown, Clarabelle were running

Why lie now? You want power. Mr. Jindal wants power. Mr. Georges wants
power. Mr. Campbell wants..

Since when does one want a position that is second to none in serving the
people? This position is prestigious IF and WHEN he/she becomes successful
at what he/she does, reforms the state, recovers the state and leaves
corruption where it belongs (in the ditches with the other stench). ;^)

When one is rich and famous (at least in St. Bernard)<G>, one becomes a
facsimile to Alexander the Great who cried because he had no more to
conquer. Isn't this a little similar to having it all, don't need to work
for a living and would be bored unless a great job is in the hip pocket? All
of the top candidates are in this position.

But, remember. One (former) governor is spending time in a cell because his
greed got the best of him. (a common case of give an inch and someone will
take a bribe (mile) <G>..

Oh, to really know an honest man and a politician in one. Sounds like an
oxymoron but how true can this be? Politicians are falling like "lovebugs"
in a spray of Flit. No one is immune from corruption and this state hopes to
keep the politicians honest or face the wrath intended for their misdeeds.

A warning goes out. If you slip up, you're going to slip down. Trust us.

Just don't lie through the teeth and say you wouldn't want to be governor is
Mr. Jindal was not running. It ain't so and St. Bernardians won't buy it.
Honesty starts before the race, continues though the race, exists after the
race and will come to bite you on your tush if you forget the word after
you've long been separated from the elected office, Mr. Boasso.

Of course, if you are unlucky to win the election, it's a moot point and so
we say, "nevermind" <G>.


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