[StBernard] Bobby Jindal Ducking Another Louisiana Governor Debate Tonight

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Oct 2 18:06:18 EDT 2007

This my friends is strategy. The meeting this evening is to be held in the
black community. Black voters are predominantly DemoLIBERAL. (We know these
voters as it's the party of "anything goes and usually does!"). If you're a
liberal running for government, you've a much better chance of capturing the
votes of the inner city crowd of blacks. It's their heritage to vote for
liberal candidates.

In the case of Mr. Georges, he's not much of a chance of making the debate
as well, and if he does, he might garner but a handful of black voters (who
rather than like what he says, dislikes what the liberal candidates say).

Mr. Jindal would best devote his time to going out in public, kiss the
babies, shake hands of individuals and let the crowds here what he has to
say. That time is best served for doing such and as a frontrunner, better
spent at it. So, in essence he has nothing to lose by not attending (since
the people in the audience will either ridicule his conservative beliefs or
not vote for him anyhow in the voting booth.

This is a common sense approach to running a well-spent campaign. The same
would hold truth if the flip=side was in taken by the liberal campaigners
who would be sitting in a nest of Republicans. Indifference breeds contempt
and it would be like throwing a grasshopper in a fire-ant pile.

Bobby's a lot smarter, wiser and good-planner after his last defeat. He's
hoping not to let this one slip through his fingertips knowing the election
is either his to win, .. or his to lose.


Bobby Jindal Ducking Another Louisiana Governor Debate Tonight

Written by: Stephen Sabludowsky

Changing Louisiana state government after cataclysmic events such as Katrina
is no easy decision. The storms have impacted many of us in areas such as
law enforcement, education, health care, race relationships and quite
frankly, in really every aspect government. It has ruined many of our
lives, made us collectively poorer, and made many of us question the very
reasons for our remaining in this state.

All of us should be deciding how to best deal with the future and right now,
that means voting for those with the best ideas and the best overall
abilities to carry out the leadership plans. Along with the revamping state
government, we will be voting on a new federal government and a new
President next year. Thus, all issues should be on the table for

Tonight, WDSU will be hosting a gubernatorial debate and, of course, the
leader of the pack, Bobby Jindal, also will be AWOL as he has been so often
in the past. This means that he will have not allowed the people of the
state to test his ideas on Fox Network, on NBC, on any of the mass
television communication mediums so we can churn his ideas among others.
Apparently, we will have a statewide debate days before the election which
will not allow any of the candidates enough time to respond to assertions or
political landmines. Jindal did give us the pleasure of his presence on
lowly LPB which only the real politically-focused might have watched in what
was the most stilted debate in modern times.

For those of you who feel that my public outrage is against Bobby Jindal,
you can continue to think this way, but you are wrong. I would feel the
same if a Democrat was leading the gubernatorial race and played hard to
get. Katrina and Rita and its aftermath and the rebuild require real
answers, not 32-point plans from any candidate. Those are blue prints,
that's all. Voters want more from their candidates. They want to see them
discuss major issues "live" under fire, especially at a time when so much is
on the line.

For months I have been urging open debates and the voters should at the
minimum watch the candidates engage each other with questions and answers.

In the case of Jindal, while I recognize his talents, I am very concerned
about his unwillingness to answer questions about his own campaign
reporting, his religious views and its implications on government, and his
unwillingness to engage the very type of open government he preaches. I am
very concerned that he is snubbing the very people he says he wants to
represent as if they matter very little. The whole idea that he is refusing
to engage in debates tonight on NBC which forum could potentially reach
hundreds of thousands throughout the state hit so hard by the storm is the
height of insult.

It is incredible that he lacks the courage and backbone to test out his
ideas against the other candidates so we can see him in real action, yet,
come Election Day, it looks like we are going to act like sheep and elect
him as governor, possibly in the first round.

Nobody is denying that Jindal is the most polished debate master. But
speaking at one hundred-fifty-words per minute or so does not mean one will
be a good governor. The bottom line is that Jindal owes it to the people of
Louisiana the decency to air-out his views before he is elected to lead this
state. I am growing weary of his ducking public forums and statewide
forums. He is insulting the people of Louisiana. He is taking on the quack
of a fowl politician unwilling to fly to the next level of openness. If he
looks and smells like a duck, I am afraid, he is one and his raw cowardice
is quacking with gall. It is a total shame that Louisiana voters do not
demand more from the man who expects to be King.

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