[StBernard] Sheriff's Race - Crime

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Oct 2 18:06:39 EDT 2007

"Everyone, I must have not been clear in my post. I think God created
homosexuals. We should not condone it, but condem homosexual acts and
lifestyles. Homosexuals should refrain from practicing those acts. We
should encourage them to refrain and choose not to live that life, which is
sinful. But I love all people as God commands me to do. Even with all of
the imperfections humans have." --Laurie"

Laurie, you are 1000% correct. Every good Christian should hold this to
their belief because there is a higher authority than the Decadence
Crowd/Communities. Sin can't be turned into Salvation. It never has been,
never will be so. It's a sin to practice a condemning act of God. Who is to
challenge God but the godless? I would love the person as God does IF one is
repentant for his/her actions/lifestyle. God does not love sin because it is
counter to His laws.

If He has a law that homosexuality is a perversion, who is to challenge HIM?

Nothing else matters if God says it is Sinful to engage in perversion and
other atrocities which shove themselves further from the Lord's grace.

If one repents I would love as this nonsense about "unconditional love and
homophobicity" is cra*. Jesus asked the prostitute, Mary Magdalene (a
sinner) to "go and sin no more". She didn't and a love (not lustful as in
the Hollywood version, but real caring love) followed. She repented wiping
Jesus' feet with her tears and hair. (the humbling for the sin once done vs.
humanity). Adultery, homosexuality, whoremongering, etc. are dregs of
society before God whose laws ARE unconditional, never changing, ever
popular with Christians and distasteful to those who commit them without

There IS a God, One who says if you sin and do not repent for this
abomination you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven. Heaven is for the
good--not the wicked.

Therefore, if you do what YOU want on earth, fine as long as you don't press
me to accept it/involve me in your crimes against God. We have free will. We
can say NO to drugs, NO to crime, NO to sins that the Lord condemns and I
echo fervently and vigorously without a doubt of conscience.


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