[StBernard] For the Parish President

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 3 00:35:09 EDT 2007

picking up storm debris, grass cuttings, etc.) seems to have come to

You are right, it came to a halt. Even if one relies on people to take care
of 'neighbor's' property, in our case that would mean twoandahalf blocks.
Even when hubby helped others by cleaning their yard and cutting them, it
took him hours of hard work and sweat to first remove cinderblocks,
airconditioners, chase snakes, and then use a weed whacker first to not
completely demolish our lawn mower. He cant do that for two blocks. At least
some of the neighbors are coming periodically and keep the grass low, and we
do appreciate that a lot (especially the one near our drive way, I am so
glad it is being kept short). Yet other lots up the street have even the
fire hydrant overgrown.

Yesterday I tried to call the complaint dept (who just picked up a huge mess
up the street that was there for months) to report new dump with mattresses
and a motorcycle and furniture, but was referred to the sheriff's number,
who referred me back to the complaint department. I guess everyone is
overwhelmed with such phone calls and cant handle anymore? What to do. What
to do.
Instead of having to call in random sites of dumps, a pre-arranged regular
drive through the neighborhoods in some rotation with a truck and loader
would be useful. I am sure there is not a subdivision that has not a trash
pile to be picked up. Then write down those addresses if it was 'new'
garbage and send them a bill or warning. Why wait til neighbor's complain,
especially since some areas have few neighbors and should not be dumped on.

To live only for some future goal is shallow.
It's the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the top.

-Robert M. Pirsig

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