[StBernard] Bobby Jindal

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 3 20:29:33 EDT 2007


I'm more interested as to why Louisiana ranks #53 in this research. Guam
has a higher ranking than Louisiana. That may have some influence on our
incumbents' rankings. If the state is so behind other states in delegates,
voting power, etc., I would take this into consideration when you post
something like this. Remember, the Dems are in control, as pointed out in
this research, which has a heavy influence on a Reps ranking.

There is nothing wrong with research, as long as you look and balance all
the factors that went into the final "scores".
Cindy Meyers.

Please see excellent evaluation listing printed in the Washington
Post which
has Congressman Jidal Ranked as No. 432 out of 439 in Effectiveness
as a
member of the House of Representatives.

This is particular significant when you consider that a recent
CNN/Time Poll
taken in September revealed that ONLY 18% of the American Voters
Congress a Favorable Approval Rating.

Just put these 2 together- Jidal's Rating- Ranked in the Bottom 2%
of a
Class which has a 18 % Approval Rating !!!!!!!! You got to be Joking
NOW Congressman Jidal is Asking the Voters of Louisiana for a
with that kind of Scorecard !!!!!!

Go to: www.congress.org/congressorg/power_rankings/overall.tt


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