[StBernard] Thanks to Walter Boasso for running for Governor..a manwith Courage

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Wed Oct 24 09:23:34 EDT 2007

Perhaps this is true. I'm far from a Landrieu fan and Boasso might have made
a better showing than running against a .400 hitter like Jindal for
governor. However, Walter wanted to do something beside show up when Bobby
couldn't attend functions and second best was not in his plans. Bobby IMHO
will take the next 8 yrs easily unless inept or there is something

Lastly, if there was a runoff between the two, Walter would have picked up
the black vote and Campbell's votes. However, he still would have fallen
through with 51% and 49% in a loss. If the dirt would have continued in
Walter's ads, the independent voter would have gone to Jindal.


I agree Walter would make a great Lt. Governor. That said I wouldn't be to
fast to say Bobby will be there for the next 8 years. First, he may move on
to some national office. Second, reform governors don't get re-elected in
LA. If anybody can think of one that did please refresh my memory. I think
Walter positioning himself for Mitch's job is a good idea, just stay light
on his feet in case opportunity knocks to jump back into the governor's

I would also like to thank Walter for running, it took a lot of stones to
jump in front of the train called Bobby that has been speeding down the
track for years now. It would have been nice to see what happened in a one
on one run-off.

Again Thanks Walter


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