[StBernard] Landrieu and Jindal Talk WRDA, Other Pressing La. Issues

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Wed Oct 24 23:08:23 EDT 2007

Landrieu and Jindal Talk WRDA, Other Pressing La. Issues

10-Day "Veto Clock" begins on vital bill.

WASHINGTON - United States Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., yesterday called
Governor-elect Bobby Jindal to congratulate him and discuss pressing
Louisiana needs, such as the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). The
legislation, which President Bush says he intends to veto, contains
authorization for crucial Louisiana hurricane recovery, flood control and
navigation projects. The bipartisan bill was sent to the President today,
and the 10-day "veto clock" has begun within which the Constitution says the
President must sign or veto the bill.

Sen. Landrieu and Gov.-elect Jindal also discussed the importance of working
together across party lines to advance Louisiana's needs.

"We campaign as Democrats and Republicans, but we serve as Louisianians,"
Sen. Landrieu wrote in a congratulatory letter also sent yesterday. "Our
state continues to face incredible challenges that require us to work
together across party lines, racial divides and geographic boundaries to
advance Louisiana's cause. Together, we can create hope, promote reform and
deliver opportunity across our state. Louisiana's leaders have no greater

Sen. Landrieu has asked key Senate leaders and committee chairs to meet with
Rep. Jindal in the coming weeks to help advance the state's needs, including
hurricane recovery.

"By speaking with one strong vice, we greatly enhance our chances for
success," Sen. Landrieu wrote. "I stand ready to work with you as we
champion our great state and her interests. Louisiana's fights are our
fights, and we must fight them together."

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