[StBernard] The (gulp!) -- R-Word!

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Nov 13 22:06:52 EST 2007

Hahaha, you must live in your own world. MsSimms

> -----------------------------------------------------
> >If one cannot say the N-word, then certainly, the same has to
apply to the
> >R-Word because it involves sensitivity to a race of
> >individuals.
> Ah, no it does not.
> >From Wiki:
> Redneck, in modern usage, predominantly refers to a particular
> of white people
> who may be found in many
> regions of the United States .
> Originally limited to the Appalachians
> , and later the Ozarks
> and Rocky Mountains
> , this ster eotype is now
> widespread in northern states. The word can be used either as a
> or as a matter of pride . The blunt
> definition of the stereotype describes one who lives in a rural
> area, is poor, and sometimes would own a pickup truck and would
have an
> apparel of a cowboy and a southern accent.[1]
> You see it's *some* white people; not all so it's not about an
entire race
> of folks.
> see this: http://www.redneckworld.com/
> I was telling a friend of mine up here about my and Wendy's little

> conversation and about the "scratching just below the surface..."
and he
> guffawed. You see, he's a redneck. But he also graduated cum laude
> Birmingham Southern with a degree in accounting and finance.
> BTW, he howled when I told him about a li ne I h eard in movie in
which a wife
> says to her husband "If you do that one more time, I'm gonna slap
the red
> right off your neck."
> Jim

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