[StBernard] The (gulp!) -- R-Word!

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Nov 15 20:33:59 EST 2007

Look Jer: I'm not saying it's right or politically correct. But it is what
it is. It is reality that you as a white man cannot say the n-word. A
black man can say the n-word to another black man and it is acceptable.
Yes, there are some moral black people with high standards, like say, Bill
Cosby. But usually it it tolorated by the black community. Especially the
young black people. Jessi Jackson and Al Sharpton are always on the white
man if they catch him saying a racist things, such as nappy headed hoe, or
that LA law maker that called her staffer Buckwheat. And they should be,
those things are wrong and should not be tolorated. But a black man can say
it to his friends and his people and it will usually be allowed, at least in
the "hood". Have you ever heard the horrible lyrics of rap music? All the
horrible things these guys say, and they are stars and looked up to by young
black people. Enough said. It ain't right but it's how it is.


> -----------------------------------------------------

> "Black people can use the N-Word in a fond and "brotherly" way to

> each other. Such as "there's my N-Word", much like homie or home boy was

> used in the past. How did we get on this subject?" --Laurie.


> Jer Responds:


> Whattttt???? Since when are we permitting someone at all to "blaspheme"


> another under a "civilized" society and jail others for a similar

> denegation?


> Again if we as a society are going to start banning "sticks and stones"

> attitudes toward one culture, it must be banned in its entirety--even to


> ourselves saying it to one another. There is NO case allowable, for


> to use a word such as MF in one case and condemn it in another. In the


> vein, using a disgraceful word, must mean it's disgraceful by one and to

> anyone.


> Otherwise, we rule it's allowable and all must use it. There are no

> exceptions to the rule of law. It must be applicable across the board.


> NO circumstances must blacks use a black term, white term, Mexican term or

> Chinese term and be allowed to use it to one another or to any other

> culture. Failure to enforce it equally and equitably would mean one


> has favoritism over any other.


> If this sounds ludicrous, it certainly is. However, no one under that

> idiotic condition of political correctness gets impunity and goes


> Fairness is and should be applied.


> It's entirely more cruel to avoid using "Sticks 'n stones can break my

> bones" than try to figure out why everyone is not allowed to name-call.


> da hell did this planet become so moronic?


> --jer--

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