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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Nov 25 20:09:14 EST 2007


If your uncle and ex-husband had this information and didn't bring to the
Feds, they are party to the corruption, just like your neighbor.

With everyone disbursed to the far corners of the globe after Katrina, you
would think that it would be easier for someone to approach the Feds with
their story. But, I guess not. Instead, we're all going to just sit around
the coffee table swapping tales of yore, and nothing ever changes.

Remember the classic saying:
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
(Edmund Burke)

I seem to remember when Stephens was first elected that he was ridding us of
old style politics. McDougal would be gone, along with the Rowley ticket.

Funny, but it seems the only person still around is still the one no one,
and I mean no one, ever talks about, Jack Rowley. He doesn't even garner
token opposition.

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Okay Wes,

I have to kind of side wih Biaca a bit here. I've already told you and
this listerve my own experience with the Sheriff's department and my family.
The only problem with contacting the FBI.... who is going to turn on good
ol' Jack? Most of the people you hear the stories from are
recipents/beneficiaries of the corruption. Let's start asking some questions
here...what ever happen to all the building materials donated from the
people of Colorado that was left in the parish's care? I'm not down there
often, but where is that stuff? What about missing money that was rumored
following the storm? WHo's going to admit they took money when it helped
them rebuild? We can't even get the police to admit that they tortured those
pets in lower Violet.
My great Uncle and ex husband both worked at the Sherriff's office-
stories of preferential treatment to crimminals, congical visits for
inmates, work release people being allowed to leave for hours....the last
was admitted to me by a neighbor whose husband was in jail. He was able to
visit his wife 2 times a month. What did he do for this? At Court he didn't
contradict the smaller amount of drugs and money that was found on him. I
saw him, had the wife tell me about it....how do I prove it. My brother was
the one having a congical visit in jail with an officer. While much of this
may not seem all that bad, what favors were curried for these things? Are
these people actually going to flip on Jack when they could face more
criminal charges for leaving work release, congical visits, etc.
You're right, there is corruption everywhere!!! HOWEVER, St. Bernard's
goes slightly deeper because it's like being held by a Mob Family, former DA
is related to Clerk of Court, former Sherriff is married to another
political family....it's all too close and tight. Too many of the same hands
in the cookie jar. I'm sure some of the rumors are just that rumors, but the
last time I checked if there's smoke, there's usually fire.


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