[StBernard] Vista SP1

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Dec 16 23:32:06 EST 2007

You're killing me, I haven't even taken the new laptop out of the box yet
and we have a service pack already? Any chance the new pc has SP1 already?


> -----------------------------------------------------

> Microsoft is readying the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 for release early

> next year. It is already out as a release candidate. That is a final


> stage.

> Service Pack 1 is designed to improve the stability and reliability of

> Vista. Unfortunately, service packs for Windows can sometimes cause

> problems. For instance, people experienced problems with Service Pack 2


> XP.

> So you may want to hold off on installing Service Pack 1 for Vista. You

> could watch the news for bugs, and wait until they're fixed.

> Microsoft has a tool that will help you block the installation of Vista

> Service Pack 1. It blocks installation via Windows Update for 12 months.


> can still install the service pack manually, if you choose.

> The tool also works with Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. That service pack


> also scheduled for release in the first part of 2008.




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