[StBernard] Vista SP1

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Sun Dec 16 23:41:09 EST 2007


Vista SP1 has not been released yet, it is still in what Microsoft calls a
"public beta". This means all features/fixes should be locked down. The
code is considered to be fairly stable, but it still has extra debugging
code activated while Microsoft tries to test it on more machines.

By releasing it as a public beta, this means anyone who wants to start
working with the SP, now has access to it, rather than just those who were
selected as members of the beta team.

There is usually not very much new in a SP. Rather it is a condensed way of
obtaining all of the security/bug fixes released since the original OS was
released (in this case) or the last SP (in XP's case).

I can promise you that your new PC will not have SP1 already installed since
it has not been officially released yet.

Even still, MS would have to release an install disc for Vista with the SP
already embedded in it.

XP has come with SP2 embedded for the past couple of years, but I just
installed two new XP machines over the past couple of weeks. Each machine
had close to 100 patches to download just on the first visit to the Windows
Update site.


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You're killing me, I haven't even taken the new laptop out of the box yet
and we have a service pack already? Any chance the new pc has SP1 already?


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