[StBernard] Crime in St. Bernard

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 1 17:00:27 EST 2008


Chad: "No way I am reading the whole chapter book you just posted, I read
However, I go back to my original point, you say your interests lie in St.
Bernard (not sure how) but if you spend some of your time you use writing
these chapter books on Westley's site helping St. Bernard than maybe we
would be a little further along. "

Jer: **It's possible that had you done so, education would have been
attained <smile>

Chad: "Is the Crime bad in St. Bernard? ABSOLUTELY NOT. You can spin it
way you feel you need to but I LIVE HERE and I move around all parts of the
parish daily. BELIEVE ME, way more than 30% of the population is back,
another misconception on your part. 30% of 67,000 would be 20,000, not a
chance that is all that is back. Traffic has increased steadily over the
months, out of the parish in the morning and into in the evening. Also I
have kids who go to school in St. Bernard schools, we have 4,200 kids in
public schools not counting OLPS and Lynn Oaks so are you saying we have
5,000 kids and only 15,000 adults (NO POSSIBLE WAY). You really need to
check where you get your information from (maybe its Slidell, Covington or

Jer: **You failed to account for workers, transients and illegals, etc..

Chad: "Now is it as safe as it was before Katrina? I would say NO but it is
definitely not as scary as you make it sound. The crime involving the black
kids (WHO WERE CAUGHT) is scary but who is to say this could not have
happened pre-Katrina? That makes no sense."

Jer: **We can agree to this: Crime, which includes more thefts and
additional violent crime are a spillover from what is now Post_Katrina St.
Bernard Parish. Scary, you probably will not be able to witness, nor
experience the true impact of my statement until you, yourself and yours
experiences a crime, beating, robber, stabbing, shooting, or rape! It's
common sense that those who are or have been victims are more prone to the
post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety of crime having been on the
receiving end of the crime. Until then, stay brave, Chad, because I will
attest that when you (it's a matter of "when" and not "if" according to
crime statistics that many in their lifetime will surely be a statistic
before life expires) become a victim, your eyes will see differently and
your mindset will beg my forgiveness for the revelation yet to bestow you,
I'm certain to that.

Chad: I have wasted too much time on this anyway,

Jer: Many people do this.

Chad: the bottom line is that BIANCA
you should come home and be happy and not miserable like others who live
elsewhere but pretend to have St. Bernards interest at heart. Do you need
to be aware of your surroundings, YES, but that is anywhere in AMERICA, any

Jer: Bianca and others have to make this decision as to what is best for her
welfare and future.


Jer: Good for you, Chad. I've been proud for 40 years (probably older than
you or most of your life). That will never change no matter where I reside
or be buried. There was a reason why I was chosen to be a St. Bernardian and
whether I'm living or will die someday, I am from St. Bernard Parish and
that can never be removed from my status or being.

Bianca and others: Be proud that you are from St. Bernard Parish no matter
where you reside because St. Bernard People are the proudest, most YAT, and
certainly the finest citizens whether residing in da parish or beyond. That
will never change because having been part of da parish is ingrained in your
being and will be so for the duration of your existence.

For this, I am certain.


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