[StBernard] Response to Bianca

Westley Annis westley at da-parish.com
Tue Jan 1 17:02:07 EST 2008

Bianca. I personally would put a lot more Faith in someone's opinion and
experiences that actually lives in the parish (Chad, WOC, etc) than someone
who lives away and is not returning (Jer). I lived in the parish almost 20
years and sadly am living in Metairie at this time. However my husband still
works in Chalmette and is down there 5 days a week and we are there visiting
friends several times a month. Things are not the same but as far as feeling
safe I do feel safe there. I have heard stories second hand about crime but
nothing bad first hand from any of the numerous people that we know who are
living in the parish.
We were renting in Chalmette and did not have a place to put a trailer
there, so we put it in my daughter's driveway ion Metairie. Her daughter
(our grandchild) was born in Sept "05 just after Katrina. I am staying in
Metairie for now to help care for my grandchild while her mother works. My
daughter's husband lost his business and they are struggling (like most of
Crime had no part in our decision not to return at this time.All my friends
who have returned feel safe and are much happier than whereever they were
displaced to.
I would follow my heart. If you're not happy where you are then come home.
There are at least 20.000 folks living in the parish it can't be that

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