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See below for Jefferson parish eastbank/westbank locations and a press release from Aaron Broussard.

N.O. traffic cameras will catch more than just red light runners

Speeders, people who turn at red light without stopping will also be cited

The traffic cameras that have been catching and ticketing red light runners in Jefferson Parish will be coming to a New Orleans intersection near you next month and these cameras will catch more than just red light running.

Beginning in February, cameras will be installed in four intersections – Poydras at Loyola, Carrollton and Earhart, Carrollton and Palmetto and Carrollton at Canal.

Beginning in February:

Carrollton & Earhart

Carrollton & Palmetto

Carrollton & Canal

Poydras & Loyola

Next Phase:

Poydras at Convention Center

Poydras at Carondelet

Poydras at St. Charles

Poydras at Magazine

St. Charles at Washington

St. Charles at MLK

St. Charles at Louisiana

The cameras will record a license plate if a car goes through a red light, but it also has the ability to monitor a car’s speed and will issue tickets if a car speeds through the intersection.

Tickets will also be issued for anyone taking a right turn on red, if the vehicle doesn’t come to a complete stop first.

“If you come to a red light, although you are allowed to make a right turn at that red light, you are required to make a stop at the stop bar,” said New Orleans Public Works Director Robert Mendoza. “If you don't come to a complete stop, there will be a citation for not coming to a complete stop.”

Mendoza says that when the citations arrive in the mail, there will also be a link to a web site that will show you the videotape evidence of your offense.

“When you receive a citation, you would see the video stills of yourself running the red light,” he explained. “Or, if you are speeding, it will show your vehicle and show the speed you are going. There’s also a link to a web site that will allow you to access a 12-second video that shows you going through the red light.”

While the cameras will go up in February, the first month offenders will only receive warnings. In March, actual bills will go out.

Citations for running a red light or not fully stopping will run $100. Last week city officials say they witnessed 100 cars run a red light at Carrollton and Palmetto.

Despite the potential cash infusion, the public works director says the real goal is to make the streets safer.

Subject: Intersection cameras...

By now you probably know that Jefferson Parish has traffic cameras at various intersections taking videos of vehicles passing thru red lights.

If your vehicle is caught on camera, you get this nice letter in the
mail with pictures of your vehicle at the intersection, and the fine is $110.00.

BE AWARE that you WILL get a ticket at these intersections not only for running the red light, but also for NOT COMING TO A COMPLETE STOP BEFORE TURNING RIGHT ON RED.


1. Clearview @ Veterans

2. Clearview @ W. Metairie

3. Causeway @ Veterans

4. Bissonet @ Veterans

5. Transcontinental @ Veterans

6. Causeway @ 17th

7. Carrolton @ Veterans

8. Ridgelake @ W. Esplanade


9. Manhattan @ Gretna

10 Stumpf @ Terry

11 Wall @ Lapalco

Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

November 16, 2007


Jefferson Parish is committed to the safety of the community and dedicated to reducing collisions at signalized intersections. In September of this year, the first photo-based traffic safety system in Jefferson Parish to monitor red light runners was installed in an effort to decrease traffic light intersection collisions.

Jefferson Parish's interest in this program is one of safety, not financial gain. As with any ticket, those issued a citation are required to pay a fine.

Since the installation of these systems, no yellow light period at any intersection in Jefferson Parish has been shortened. The Jefferson Parish Traffic Engineering Division bases their traffic light clearance intervals on a formula developed by the Institute of Tran sportation Engineers. This international organization is responsible for establishing industry standards on traffic light intervals.

In order for a violation to exist, the light has to be fully red before the car enters the intersection. Entering the intersection while the light is still yellow does not constitute a violation.

Drivers should also be aware that each photo of a red light violation is reviewed by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office to determine if there is an extenuating circumstance for a vehicle to be in an intersection while the light is red.

Those situations include a vehicle that safely enters an intersection while the light is red in order to allow an emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance, police car, or fire truck, to proceed through the intersection during an emergency.

Other extenuating circumstances include non-emergency situations, such as a funeral or wedding procession that proceeds through an in tersection at the direction of the police escort that has safely blocked the intersection while the procession rolls through.

In those cases, a ticket will not be issued for a vehicle in an intersection while the light was red. The owner of any vehicle has the option of contesting a citation in court. Citations are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. Included are photos of the vehicle in the intersection while the light was red and instructions to go on-line to see video of the vehicle in the intersection.

All tickets issued through the Red Light Camera System are considered civil violations that are not reported to the state so they do not count against a motorist's driving record or affect their auto insurance.

The Jefferson Parish Traffic Engineering Division continues to monitor traffic light intersections regularly to ensure proper operation.

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