[StBernard] Construction burglary ring broken up by Sheriff's Office

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Jan 25 01:15:47 EST 2008

I don't think **anyone** has said ***anything*** about legal immigrants.
All of us are descended from immigrants unless your are 100% Native

I have issues with illegals and will continue to do so. And, I know a few
Mexican Americans up here and they are just as opposed since they chose the
proper way to enter this country.

>Many of our home grown people are taking advantage and charging

>riduculous[sic] prices.

Perhaps those prices are what you have to pay for licensed people to do work
for you.

>Maybe if you guys were actually here rebuilding you would understand what I

>am talking about.

That's what my 82 year old mom wants more than anything is to return to SBP.
Once Road Home decides to pay us the proper amount we will do so. Also,
once we can find a place to live. FEMA only wanted to put us into a tacky
travel trailer instead of a handicapped one and she uses a wheelchair,
walker and cane. Now those trailers are gone or you can no longer move into
them. To rent an apartment we would need furniture first since all of ours,
like everyone else, was wiped out. Additionally, it seems no one wants to
rent if you have a pet. I'll put it this way: our mini doxie ain't going
nowhere. If landlords don't want to rent to pet owners, so be it. We won't
be back.

Further, I'll need something better than a triple-wide trailer medical
clinic for medical care for this woman. And I don't like hearing that it
has taken an hour for EMTs to arrive for a 911 call.

So Laurie, before you spout off generalizations, you do not know everyone's
situation. If we can find a temp place to live *until* I can get furniture,
and *if* I can find a 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath apartment where we can also have
our dog, I'll be happy to come back so she can die there where she considers
it home. Oh also, I have no desire to sign a 1 year lease for an apt when
we won't be there that long. Add that to all the other impediments to
returning. They aren't making it very easy for some people.


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