[StBernard] Construction burglary ring broken up by Sheriff's Office

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Jan 25 01:17:46 EST 2008

No, one. Repeat, no one should be in argument that a U.S. citizen of any
nationality (entered and completed the process of legality) be NOT provided
equal access to U.S. citizen rights. But, that goes without saying that ALL
granted an American right should break the laws of our lands and continue
with impunity.

I don't care if they clean streets or run a country.

The problem resulted in American greed. An example would be to do menial
work in our nation and want to get paid an executive's salary. When I were a
youngster, I can remember education providing the key to better position in
life. (Hard work in dangerous jobs also provide(d) more money, but that's an
exception to the rule--as a dynamite expert).

If crime were to cease today, that would mean everyone went straight and
decided that it's a wrong to kill, rob or rape. Pure poppycock and
pipedream. Crime can diminish, but it's so ingrained in the American dream
that it won't stop in some respect as to make it acceptable. No crime in any
community is acceptable by those who wish righteousness or harmony. It will
not be so.

As to African-Americans, Vietnamese, Hispanic or any minority, if all would
become model citizens, each culture would have my vote to live in peace with
the rest of the nation and Caucasians who follow the rules of law do as

We all want and demand justice. If prejudice is to be eliminated, then
assimilation must be in accord with this country going forward. If any
culture decides to have laws bent to both ways because of a person's creed,
color or nationality--it must not brand itself as two-fold. (example: the
Black Caucus Party <when there is simply ONE American caucus or else take a
political stand on that side of the fence--Liberal Caucus or Conservative
caucus>. We cannot splinter ourselves into complex diversities by color or
creed which will further exacerbates our American Nation. This is an
American problem and not an Afro-American/Caucasion American or Jewish
American problem.

I agree (as I've written hundreds of times) on homeland security, illegal
immigrants, non-taxpaying, etc. issues. Terrorists and lawbreakers should be
dealt with accordingly (and not just as a Christian-American (see how
divisive this can become?), but because we're a nation of laws and our
country needs to be protected from that which we can initiate control around
our borders.

As to holidays, let me have a holiday. (see how ignorant, appeasing and
patronizing this sounds???). Sure, I need a holiday from time to time, but
we don't need a hundred more as to keep everyone home from being productive
(working for a living, economic depravity or raunchy havoc in the streets
which get people drunk and chaotic). ie. Last year's St. Pat's/Irish/Islenos
parade which had idiots throwing sharp objects that hit me, street fights
before me and a grand display public drunkenness before my grandkids and
many others. (I can remember as a youngster watching parades in peace and
not have to worry if a weapon would be perpetrated with a victim assaulted.

Yes, the complexity has changed. But the complexity is not aimed at any one
culture. Everything has changed. From that brief moment of horrific
proportions and in a blink of an eye of the hurricane--life in which was
once a "taken-4-granted" community is 4-ever a community modified

--whether this modification (nothing ever takes the exact path twice in
history--even though some can arguably exclaim that 'history repeats itself)
will meet our fondest memories, hopes and dreams (that which has taken its
fork in the road mission outwardly) we cherished pre-Katrina or not is yet
to be written; and dependable on how its people and governments proceed and
care for its outcome enough will be a deciding factor.

We shall see. We shall know when a given time reaches that point as to
failure, success or a community of peace and harmony be reached. We pray for
the best and accept high standards for our community as to show itself as a
model parish to the nation which awaits for an ending chapter in the book of
recovery for St. Bernard.

This too, is but my opinion. It's a dissertation, but again--truth IMHO.


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