[StBernard] NEWS: Press Release Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Introduced by the Louisiana Technology Council and TEEM Educational Foundation

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Fri Jan 25 23:56:05 EST 2008

TEEM Educational Foundation and the Louisiana Technology Council announce an
Interanctive Entrprenuerial and Generational Wealth Development Program

Louisiana Technology Council Announces Training beginning February 12
TEEM brings answers to Entrepreneurs TEEM Blue
New Orleans, LA - TEEM will again enlighten new and established business
owners starting February 12. Through a series of ten Unique Entrepreneurial
Modular Training System , the participants learn the four building blocks of
their business and how to develop each one independently. Setting itself
apart from all others, TEEM provides their participants with the tools they
require for current and future success.

What is TEEM? It is an acronym.
Time: The first building block to the long term success of your business.
Emotional Competence: It separates the superior from the average.
Energy: Understand the value of serivce and the difference between marketing
and sales.
Money and the Management of Money: Cash is King!
Ernest J.Reilly, founder of TEEM Educational Foundation
Ernie is best known for the development of T.E.E.M. Educational FoundationT
L.L.C. (C 2004 Ernest J. Reilly) a Unique Modular Training System for
entrepreneurs developed in 2002. TEEM Modular Training System are currently
being used with great success at many of the Entrepreneurial organizations
throughout Louisiana.

About The System
If you attend all TEEM Workshops #1 thru # 10, you will have a usable
working knowledge of the anatomy of your business, its function and a layout
of your business model. You will also be provided with management tools.
These management tools will help you make good and informed personal and
business decisions, with reference to the purpose of a business, emotional
competence, legal matters, Marketing, The Body of the Negotiation, Sales,
Servicing your Client, and Money Management.

TEEM Educational Foundation
Ernest Reilly Founder/CEO
ejreilly at teenedu.com

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