[StBernard] Involuntary Demolition

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Tue Feb 5 10:52:38 EST 2008

Craig and/or Westley:

We just got word from family who live in St. Bernard
Sunday a.m. that our (2) homes in Buccaneer Villa South has
"demolition" signs placed on our property!!!!

1. 2504 Pirate Dr., Chalmette, LA
2. 2112 Jean Lafitte Parkway, Chalmette, LA

We have for sale signs on both and just signed papers
Friday at 5 pm to sell one of them - the act of sale
is March 11.

What is going on??? We do not have money to fix up and
redo the inside. We have spent our life savings to
buy another home. We have gutted both houses, We pay
someone to keep up these two lawns. We have complied
with all the "rules" & laws" in keeping this property
looking decent. We pay taxes on these two pieces of
property. What more can we do?????

Why are these properties nor listed on the St. Bernard
Website (We understand there are 5,000 homes listed in
the St. Bernard Voice - what about those people who
still live out of town - how are they able to appeal
if they do not know they are on the "involuntary
demolition" list ???????

We are in our 70's & are retired and how much more
must we endure???

Pat & Jay

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