[StBernard] Advice please

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Feb 8 19:20:25 EST 2008

Gaby, I agree with you 100%. Enough time has passed for a decision to be
made. I understand it can be frustrating with cases where a mistake has
been made. Go through the correct process and it will be corrected. It's
not that hard, even if you are away. Call the parish complex and see what
you have to do to fix it.


> -----------------------------------------------------

> Now really, anonymous, at least put your name if you tell others to go

> public on TV.


> No one singled out any particular family to demo their house.

> This is a CARING step forward FOR the parish as a whole.


> Read the whole of Craig's statement, and Dave P's as well.


> If a house is 'untouched' it will be 'touched' by the parish.

> If it is 'touched' by the owners, then it will be 'untouched' by the



> If there is a mistake, there is a process to correct it.

> I something was done more timely, none of this would be necessary.

> The parish as a whole can't just sit here and do nothing in case some few

> houses do have plans (which they probably only have because of the



> Endure? We continue to endure living in this left and forgotten parish,


> least that is what it looks like).

> I for one appreciate the forward steps our parish authorities are taking.


> And yes, my house was wrongly on a demo list once as well, because of an

> address snafu. I followed proper procedure and all was cool. Goodness.

> Nobody is perfect, but we continue to strive.


> God bless, and wishing you happiness in the future, wherever y'all are.

> Really.



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