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Fri Feb 8 19:26:53 EST 2008

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List does not show up on page if you are using Mozilla Firefox (or didn't
for me). It will appear on the webpage if using Internet Explorer.

There is a link to the Z-List on the St. Bernard Voice Website:


In the page's middle: "1-22-2008 Exhibit Z Letter of homes not

Mr. Roy sends his best to all! .

Here's a reply I got from Ed Roy regarding trying to get a copy of
the paper
with the faulty, screwed-up demo list. If you are out of the area,

We do not mail out passed issues of the paper. However, we do have
the paper
on file at the office. If you know someone who could mail the paper
to you
have them pick up a paper at the office.

If you wish to subscribe send in the name, address and city
and state. Cost is $18 in parish, $21 out of parish but in Louisiana
and $25
out of state.
Thanks and good luck,
Ed Roy

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