[StBernard] FEMA and State Unify Efforts to Spur Along Recovery

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon Feb 18 08:51:49 EST 2008

I have a question about the Road Home Small Rental Program. I received a
conditional award letter from the road home a few months ago. Really this
means nothing at this time. I was instructed in the letter to try to get my
own financing then fix my property according to their lengthy and very
specific and somewhat ambiguous rules. When I have finished, I have to make
an appointment to get the property inspected. Their rules of rebuilding
will cost more than normal contract supplies and work, requiring upgrades
like energy star appliances and upgraded a/c and heating units and increased
square footage of cabinets and counter top space among other things. I do
not mind making these upgrades if I know I will eventually receive the
award. The problem is I have heard nothing from them and I do not know when
I will. They offer no time line. When you call road home, no one knows
anything. In the meantime, I cannot rent my units, they have to stay empty
until road home inspects them. I find this absurd considering FEMA is
trying to get all of the 35,000 residents of FEMA trailers out of their
toxic trailers by summer. Why aren't these agencies working together? I
could have my units finished in a month or two and be able to help these
people but with these ridiculous road home rules, that will not happen, not
if I wish to receive this award, which I need. Also, I could make all these
expensive upgrades to my rental units and then in the end be denied the
award if they find something in the inspection that is not up to one of the
rules in their 52 pages rebuilding guide that I must follow. Anyone with
road home or Fema or our government have any answers as to why these two
agencies are not working together to makes some rules that make sense and
help these people in Fema trailers and also help the parish close these
trailer parks and get these people into more permanent housing. It doesn't
make any sense at all.


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