[StBernard] Murphy Oil looks to expand after Katrina spill

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Apr 3 09:10:37 EDT 2008

"Murphy Oil looks to expand after Katrina spill"

Jer: Can anyone tell me why "Cancer Alley South" is such a big part of
living in St. Bernard Parish. I've friends in St. Bernard parish that has
brain, lung and stomach cancer, (and a brother that just died from brain
cancer last year) and being content with the consequences are a part of life
with acceptances.

What is the benefit to dying a horrible death?

Buffer zones? I can remember airborne content landing on my car and home and
certainly there are no buffer zones that build a safety fence to contain
these deadly contaminants.

Secondly, what job is worth contributing to the sad state of events
(illnesses, deaths, disease and inconveniences) caused by industry that has
broken so many of the rules, health violations and state codes--and has left
jaws drop whenever there's mishaps of fires, explosions and fear?

The creature grows with its new suit now enlarged.

Is the decision down to "take it--or leave it"? Sad, because it reminds me
so much of the story of Moses and the newly freed people of Israel with
their backs to the sea wondering if Pharaoh's army is offering an escape or
certain death.

Something to ponder while health is still a viable option. Pray for peace,
yes..but pray for "long-term" health.


P.S. --still having problems breathing, and has been a problem pre-K, during
K, and after K. :(

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