[StBernard] Murphy Oil looks to expand after Katrina spill

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Thu Apr 3 09:11:10 EDT 2008

In federal court pleadings and hearings for the settlement agreement, in
Council Executive Finance Committee meeting transcripts for their stated
intended use of the Jacob Drive Firestation property, in council meetings
for updates on the remediations and demolitions, and in Housing,
Redevelopment and Quality of Life committee meetings for Murphy's interest
and intended use for the direct transfer of LRA properties, Murphy's
defense attorneys can be quoted from transcripts stating the area would be
turned into a green zone, a grassy greenspace, a nonused buffer between the
refinery and the neighborhood. That is the whole intent and purpose of the
federal judge's court order and reasons. There has never been a
misconception regarding the settlement agreement. There has only been these
new contradictions of statements by the same attorneys.

>From the associated press January 4, 2007


Kerry Miller, a Murphy lawyer, said the area would be turned into a "green
zone" to buffer the refinery from neighborhoods.

Adding facilities is not a buffer; it is an industrial district which lowers
the buffer and does nothing to promote health, safety nor welfare. This is
a 15,000 sq ft lab which is not only an integral part of the refining
process, but it requires two C1 neighborhood commercial and two R2
residential zoning changes from the most protective or restrictive to the
least protective, least restrictive. It will not fit on the single parcel
already zoned heavy industry. Even with these zoning changes, the lab
doesnt seem to fit with the appropriate residential setbacks nor does it
allow for the required minimum 100 foot buffer between heavy industry and
residential. 100 feet is very minimal. It is only the minimal requirements
for the promotion of the public safety, health, and general welfare. We
have more protection from barrooms and truckstops than we do with oil
refineries. We have the opportunity right now to adhe re to the master land
use plan and provide an adequate buffer.

The EPA superfund mission to cleanup the oil spill was for the community to
be restored where people can live safely. We have revitalized our community
neighborhoods and we need this council to uphold our current zoning to
preserve the integrity of our residential neighborhood.


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