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Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Fri Apr 18 17:42:29 EDT 2008

Is this their first location post Katrina that requires a phone call and a
visit to SDT to acquire the SDT can? Maybe they need a neighbor to welcome
them and explain the process?


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Craig (as Parish President)/Kenny (as Coincilman for District C),
Is there an ordinance or something concerning having to place your
household garbage in a garbage can ? There is a family (or families)
renting one of Home Solutions houses in our neighborhood. They have been
there for 3 months, long enough to have procured a garbage can. Instead
they opt to throw out their household garbage in plastic garbage bags.on the
property next door (which is vacant). There are stray cats in the
neighborhood that get into the plastic bags. We pretty much had the rat
population under control and we don't need them coming back for free meals.
There is a drain where they put their garbage and when the bags get ripped
open, garbage goes into the drain when the wind blows; not to mention that
it blows all over our property. I called the parish and was told to contact
SDT or to go talk to the renters. This is not a family that I would go talk
to since the male who lives there has already gott en very verbal with a
deputy sent there for a complaint and with a neighbor who is rebuilding his
house and happened to park in the street in front of this house in order to
let the person working on his house get in to the driveway. He was told in a
very loud tone he couldn't park in front of this person's house and had to
move his truck. (Not to mention the fact that a woman living there was
arrested 2 weeks ago for being a fugitive from New Orleans). I called SDT &
was told they have an agreement with the parish not to pass up any household
garbage. (Yet, they haven't picked up trash for 2 weeks from a homeowner
who has rebuilt and has regular move in trash.) But I also have an ad that
they put in the St. Bernard News when they first started picking up garbage.
It said if you didn't have a garbage can, they wouldn't pick it up. I don't
care if they don't use an SDT can, they need to just use a garbage can
instead of throwing out plastic bags . And they don't just put it out on
garbage day. They have garbage bags thrown outside all the time. All of us
in this section keep our houses and lawns up. We only ask the renters do
the same. Either the renters or Home Solutions need to be responsible for
getting a garbage can. As homeowners, we take pride in our property. If we
have to have renters in our neighborhoods, we only ask that they do the


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