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> With the cost of fuel I thought you all should know about this. I

> received

> it today and just had to share it with ya'll.


> This is a true story, so read it carefully. On April 24, 2008, I stopped

> at

> a Kangaroo BP gas station, located at 1325 Main Street, Cartersville, GA.

> My truck's gas gauge was on 1/4 of a tank. I use the mid-grade, which was

> priced at $3.71 per gallon. When my tank is at this point, it takes

> somewhere around 14 gallon's to fill it up. When the pump showed 14

> gallons

> had been pumped I began to slow it down, then to my surprise it went to

> 15,

> then 16. I even looked under my truck to see if it was being spilled. It

> was not. Then it showed 17 gallons had been pumped. It stopped at almost

> 18

> gallons. This was very strange to me, since my truck has only an 18

> gallon

> tank. I went on my way a little confused, then on the evening news I

> heard

> a report that 1 out of 4 gas stations had calibrated their pumps to show

> more gas had been pumped than a person actually got.


> Here is how to check a pump to see if you are getting the right amount:


> Whichever grade you are using, put EXACTLY 10 GALLONS in your tank, and

> then look at the dollar amount, if the dollar amount is not EXACTLY 10

> times the price of the fuel you have chosen, then the pumps are rigged.

> In my case as I said the mid-grade was $3.719 per gallon, my dollar

> amount for 10 gallons should have been $37.19. If I had only check the

> pump. It doesn't matter where you pump gas, please check the 10 gallon

> price. If you do find a station that is cheating, contact the Georgia

> Agriculture Department, and direct your comments to Tommy Irvin,

> Commissioner. In other states contact proper authorities, as shown on

> the gas pump.


> Please don't delete this until you have sent it to all people in your

> address book. We need to put a stop to this outrageous cheating of

> customers. The gas companies are making enough profits at honest rates.

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