[StBernard] Citgo Could Run Chalmette Refinery -PdVSA Board Member

Westley Annis Westley at da-parish.com
Mon May 12 13:10:16 EDT 2008

The Chavez vow to destroy the United States is not something I have been
following, but with all these changes, perhaps we all need to become aware
of how this effects us as a nation and then locally how does this change of
operator effect our community.

The EXXON/Mobil Chalmette Refinery LLC is a significant part of our
community in size, and in various contributions - good and bad. As with
everything else we expect any changes to include a commitment for
improvements -- and there are plenty that any heavy industrialized business
could make. This one is no exception. Just think of all the black soot and
health problems in the Chalmette Vista neighborhood and all the high SO2 &
H2S measurements on the ambient air monitors at Chalmette High School and
Chalmette Vista monitors.

I actually prefer certain "filling stations" because of the convenience of
the intersection or location. It is my understanding California has or had
"recharging stations" for Hybrid / Electric cars. Perhaps we should all
consider walking and riding bikes when appropriate and switching to Hybrid
Vehicles and alternative energy sources.

I have not been boycotting SPUR or Murphy/WalMart Gas but would like to see
our industrial neighbors ride bikes or electric golf carts from their "NEW"
Judge Perez / Charles Drive Administration Building to the Meraux Refinery
. They would be more than welcomed to use Ohio Street for that pedestrian

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