[StBernard] Landrieu Comments on Senate Passage of Supplemental

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Fri Jun 27 21:36:53 EDT 2008

Landrieu Comments on Senate Passage of Supplemental

WASHINGTON - United States Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., today commented
on the Senate's passage of the Supplemental bill for Iraq and Afghanistan
that includes $5.8 billion for Louisiana levees and $73 million for Gulf
Coast low-income housing vouchers. The Senate had passed a much more robust
$8.7 billion hurricane recovery package that Sen. Landrieu worked closely
with Senate Appropriations Chairman Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va., to craft.

Sen. Landrieu said:

"This bill provides a foundation for some of the remaining recovery needs on
the Gulf Coast, but the task is not completed. The House of Representatives
unfortunately caved to White House demands and cut from this Supplemental
critical funding the Senate had passed for our very real domestic emergency
along the Gulf Coast. Gone are provisions to finally make our hospitals
whole, to beef up our criminal justice system - much of which is still
operating out of trailers - language to accelerate closure of MRGO. Also
gone is the flexibility I added for Louisiana to pay back over 30 years its
cost share for repairing the federal levees that broke in 2005.

"The House did, after a media onslaught, keep in the bill funding for 3,000
vouchers for extremely low income Louisianians who are seniors, disabled or
both. It is a crucial provision that will go a long way toward keeping our
most vulnerable population off the street.

"Chairman Byrd, however, has not forgotten the Gulf Coast, and has announced
his intention to move a second, domestic emergency Supplemental that will
include the lost funding and flexibility. Majority Leader Reid has also said
he supports a second Supplemental that would include our funding. I am
working with them to get this bill done as soon as the Senate returns from
the upcoming July 4th recess. Our communities cannot wait any longer."

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